Warner Brothers and Amazon were partnering to create a Choose -Your - Own - Adventure style radio play on the Amazon Alexa, and the agency came to us.


We helped WB figure out how to guide listeners through a physical/mental space with natural prompts for verbal decision making and, in the process, created 75 minutes of playable content. The slate was blank at the outset and it was up to us to create the world we navigate through from the ground up. We learned a lot.

For instance, we discovered that stripping away the (very expected) soundtrack from the original franchise created something that felt new, modern, and worthy of investigation. We also employed a minimal use of music so it could impactfully serve as a unique “vehicle” from scene to scene.


In making sure the experience was intuitive, we designed a variety of specific environments to emphasize context and location, while the mix accommodated an all-seeing Narrator and carefully chosen SFX to guide our very-young listeners through both the story and interaction. This about-face was especially exciting to us from a narrative standpoint, because even if this is reminiscent of old radio plays, those shows never asked for answers.


The result was an immersive, highly-imaginative storytelling experience on a cutting edge platform. The client was excited and we were thrilled to create something that could challenge and hopefully inspire kids to dream their own stories. Plus Scooby Doo is awesome, c’mon.


Find and enable the skill HERE if you have Alexa!

[slide-right]Scooby Doo - The Mystery of Mayhew Mansion
Client: Warner Brothers
Directed: Nathan Breton & Jaclyn Gramigna
Task: Sound Design, Music Composition and Mix[/slide-right]
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