Well produced films don’t necessarily need to land on broadcast networks, Hulu, Netflix, and the like. Platforms like YouTube are breaking norms as well, and we’re proud to be along for the ride. In collaboration with Casey Neistat, Zachary Treitz, and Brett Jutkiewicz, we handled the mix on a short documentary about the one and only Shawn Mendes. As part of YouTube’s Artist Spotlight series, the film highlights the splash Shawn is making in the mainstream music scene, all at the age of 19.




The film integrates a variety of Shawn's music, sourcing concerts and performances from all around the world. A large challenge on this mix was to create seamless transitions between the songs to create a smooth edit that connected the various scences together. The stitching was done with a variety of treatment to the tracks to achieve a cohesive feel to the music, as if the show was all being performed at once, all around the world. In addition to this, it was important to us that Shawn's voice felt as sonorous as possible. Vocal treatments can be tricket, but we did our best to have the interview with Shawn live on top of the mix whilst avoiding any type of VOG nuance.

Sound design for this piece was minimal, but important overall to maintain cohesion throughout. The audience is taken to so many different locations all over the world through the film, it was important to have a sonic character that lived through to tie it all together. This wasn't accomplished by using the same sounds over and over again, rather, utilizing composites of sounds unique to the location/ scene and designing them all in a similar way. Less was more, but no less powerful in it's relationship to the footage.


Directed By - Casey Neistat
Produced By - Zachary Treitz & Brett Jutkiewicz
Production Company - 368 Productions
Producers - Paul Leys & Kelsey McWilliams
Directors of Photography - Brett Jutkiewicz
Camera - Casey Neistat & Zachary Treitz
Editor - Zachary Treitz
Assistant Editing & GFX - Gordon Bell
Titles - Nate DeYoung
Sound Recordist - Zachary Treitz
Music By - David Leinheardt for duotone
Sound Designer and Mixer - Eric Brown
Audio Post Provided By - Waterline NYC
Production Manager - Jordan Sirek
Picture Finishing - GOLDCREST POST NY
Color By - Nat Jencks
Finishing Artist - Jordan P.H. Stein
DI Producer - Anna Kelman
Production Coordinator - Ethan Leight
Production Services - ALL CAPS


[slide-right]SHAWN MENDES: Youtube Artist Spotlight

Directed By: Casey Neistat

Produced By Zachary Treitz & Brett Jutkiewicz

Production Company: 368 Productions

Task: Sound Design and Mix[/slide-right]

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