Rammellzee is a name many in New York have not heard, yet one that is representative of a large amount of street art and cultural influence we see today throughout this city. We designed a collage of sounds to accompany this short film honoring Rammellzee and bringing to light Red Bull’s newest exhibit showcasing his vast body of work.




We took a collage approach to the sound design, as is reflected in so much of his work — we thought it would be interesting to mirror his influence stylistically in to a piece about him. Thus, a combination of different voice overs, songs, and sound design elements were cut and pasted to together in a quickly changing edit that engages listeners and pulls in the audience’s attention. With the endless risks Rammellzee took throughout his body of work, it felt as if there wasn’t anything off limits regarding our design. Effected VO, electronic stutters and sweeps, and city sounds were a few elements integrated throughout the film.

More about Rammellzee:

Rammellzee was born in 1960 in Far Rockaway, to an Italian mother and African-American father who worked as a transit detective, and grew up in the borough of Queens in New York City near the Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue A train terminal station. His graffiti work started to show up in the 1970s on New York City’s subway cars and stations, specifically on the A-train since it was his local train.



Written and Directed By - Oscar Boyson
Editing and Motion Graphics By - Nate DeYoung
Produced By - Elara Pictures
Presented By - Red Bull Arts New York
Animation By - Sammy Harkham & Chris Cornwell
Producer - Mary Beth Minthorn
Executive Producers - Luke House and Mac Concordia
Assistant Editing - Erin DeWitt
Directors of Photography - Doug Durant, Chris Messina, Jake Saner
Camera Operators - Alex Huggins. Ben Elias
Camera Assistants - Rachel Federkova, Luke Provenzano
Sound Recordists - Patrick Southern, John Paul Lopez
Music By - George Langford
Sound Designer and Mixer - Eric Brown
Audio Post Provided By - Waterline NYC
Color By - Jason Crump

[slide-right]RAMMELLZEE: It's Not Who But What
Directed By: Oscar Boyson
Client: Red Bull Media House
Production Company: Elara Pictures
Task: Sound Design and Mix[/slide-right]
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