[slide-left]Bill Swanson always expected life to work out with a cushy sales position with his cleaning appliance brand, Thrift-O-Lux. However, in the midst of a divorce and declining career he blames shortcomings everywhere except of his own doings. During a final business trip to save his career he finds failure every step of the way while he and his hotel maid inadvertently wage war on one another. Working with Alex Coppage, we built a soundtrack that highlights the isolated environment we watch Bill venture through. Enjoy a small excerpt from the film above, and view the whole thing on Amazon Prime HERE[/slide-left]




The environment we witness Bill Swanson navigating through for his work travels is one we want the audience to feel hates him. One that conspires against him to make his life more miserable than it already is. We wanted his surroundings to feel bleak, lonely, and alive all at the same time. Setting contrasting elements free in to the soundscape, like the music we hear in the lobby of the hotel, are all attempts at sonic irony with the core of our story. Isolationism was a key theme throughout the approach for the film — an overarching idea that Bill is alone and abandoned.


Directed By - Alex Coppage
Written By - David Barron
Sound Designer and Mixer - Eric Brown
Audio Post Provided By - Waterline NYC


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Directed By: Alex Coppage

Production Company: Tagline Films

Task: Sound Design and Mix[/slide-right]

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